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26 Mar

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Our new website is finally live, and better than ever! Click the Banner at the top of the blog page to be re-directed to the new ExeterGlass.com homepage. If you have any comments or questions please contact our webmaster@exeterglass.com. We hope you like and spread the word of how great Exeter Glass is of a company. Please click the Like Button below to help share our quality name with your friends…

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  • Abhijith

    Date: Jun 15

    i used to do that kinda work not smashing d/glazed wowidns but making them the sealed unit would have to be taken out and taken to a double glazing place for them to cut a new piece of glass. this would have to be toughened glass cos of regulations (it’s a door) and that has to be ordered. it also depends upon whether the broken piece of glass was patterned also. anyway once sealed up it can be refitted into the door.problems to face if it requires toughened glass which i think it will this will have to be ordered in and could take about a week or 2. secondly if it’s patterned glass this will add to the cost.the best thing to do if you want to cut the cost down and have help available would be to take out the double glazed unit replace it with a board and wedge it in from the inside. then take the broken glass off the unit using a sharp knife to cut through the hot melt sealant, clean it up and take it to a double glazing company and ask them to replace the glass for you.once they’ve done that pick it up and refit the unit. remember to use packers to keep the unit from being in contact with the bottom of the plastic profile, as water will decay the sealant.i think it should cost about c2a325/30 but look around first and go with the company you think is friendly and will do you a good service. you may even get it cheaper!!there is a cheaper way but that would be bodging you could replace it with normal 4mm glass and use silicon sealant to seal up the unit again. it’s do-able but up to you but please remember doors have to have either toughened or laminated glass in them by law obviously for safety reasons

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