Replace New Hampshire Window Screens Yourself

01 May

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Now that we are well in into Spring and Summer is almost here, you are probably noticing our friends the Mosquito are here as well. If your in the New Hampshire area you should also probably get those screen repairs. Below is a simple how to video on how to do it yourself and save some money… The gentleman in the video makes it seam pretty straight forward, but it can be frustrating when you replace the spline on the new screen and the frame starts warping. If you feel it might be to much frustration, even if your halfway through with the project… please contact us for help. We replace and repair screens, as well as replace or add screens to any type of window in the Seacoast New Hampshire area… including Portsmouth, Manchester, Concord, and of course Exeter.

However you decide to replace your screes, with us or by yourself…
Good Luck,
Your Friends at Exeter Glass

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  • Kensie

    Date: Jun 12

    Window sceerns are easy. You just need the sceern material, spline, and a spline tool. Spline is the round rubber tube that holds the sceern in place. It fits down into a groove around the edge of the sceern frame. The spline tool is used to push the spline into the groove. To fix a sceern, just remove the old spline and sceern. Lay the new sceern over the frame and, using the spline tool, push the new spline into the groove.

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