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Modern shower designs have evolved through time and the traditional frame less shower doors and tacky shower curtains have been replaced by the up to date, elegant and chic shower doors of today.

Since most contemporary style bathrooms are usually visual and feature intricate bathroom fixtures and decorative tiles, frame less shower glass doors have been gaining fame among many homeowners.

Exeter Glass frame less shower doors are a type of shower door made with solid portions of glass with no trims supported by heavy-duty hinges for pivot type, and tracks for bypass/sliding type.

Selecting frame less or framed shower doors will depend on personal choice and budget. To help you decide, below are the pros and cons of purchasing and owning the modern frame less shower bath doors.

Made entirely of glass, they can easily make your bathroom look fresh and elegant. Its invisible appearance creates flowing space and a sweeping look that matches stylish bathroom designs, making the space seem much bigger and grander than it may be otherwise. Decorative tile designs and ornate lightings in the interior of the shower area are put on display as well.

Durability is reliable because thicker glass is used for it to support the panels that do not have the structural edge of aluminum framing. This kind of shower doors is easier to clean and can be restored to looking like new, due to the trackless design. Plus, the seal-in technology of frame less glass doors keeps the water from spilling out to the greater bathroom area.

Homeowners are usually concerned about the safety of frame less shower bath doors due to absence of a protective trim that runs alongside the glass. However, our trained professionals have been assisting costumers pick our and design the right frame less application for their unique situation. Our glass is thick (weighing over 70lbs in some cases) and designed to support its own weight in lieu of a frame to support it. However, because of the size and other factors in a frame-less door application, it can be up to forty percent more than the regular framed door… so caution must be taken particularly during the installation process to not chip or damage the glass during the install.

Despite these minor cons and mus-conceptions though, frame less shower doors are wonderful to have if you can afford to increase your project budget to splurge on some luxury for your bathroom. The end result will not only exemplify your design, but also add resale value to your home.

For a free estimate on a glass shower doors, framed or frame less, please call or contact us!